I got the Chicago Blues…

Dear Chicago, I miss you so much. If I could get a care package, it would be a burger from Portillo’s, the Acid Rap album, and a poster of the CTA map. IMG_9927That would be “DA BEST”. I guess the reason I’m excited is because I have MAJOR plans to accomplish when I come back. You guys don’t understand, I’m coming back in full speed. I plan to just go around the city again and again. Lupe said it for me, “I wanna fall in love [with] Chicago”. Okay, I changed that. But I got Chicago goals. I’m visiting EVERY neighborhood I possibly can in Chicago. Yeah, I said it. North Side. South side, West side, and if you wanna say, “East side”. Coffee from everywhere. I’m going to the Museum of Science & Industry. Art Museum. Planetarium. ALL the beaches! I miss CHICAGO STREET STYLE. Mannnnn. Nikes, Curly Haired Ladies, Dreads, Camo everythang, New Balance, collared shirts, and just the creativitiy. I miss walls of graffiti, elote, State Street, and HAROLDS. I miss seeing everyone out in their bikes. Don’t worry, I got other plans aside from venturing around Chicago… Thinkin’ of a master plan.

See yall in a month!



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