Stay Positive, Work Hard, and Make it Happen

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Morning my lovely followers,

It’s Wednesday and we are halfway done with the week. As high aspiring individuals, we have to keep our energy high and motivation intact. As you sip your tea or latte, take a deep breath and tell yourself, “stay positive.”Β Today will have its share of challenges and you have to mentally prepare for them. Secondly, work hard today. Every day you should be putting in work. Work could be at your actual job, reviewing your notes for a class, or actually getting your workout done. Work hard and play hard, but you can’t be playing if you’re putting in no work. Lastly, look at your to-do list and make it happen. Achievers make it happen no matter what it may be. You can make today successful with all the small actions you take.

But Gaby, how can I put these actually into action?

a. Wake up early and get your day started!

You can prepare for life simply by preparing for your day. Brief yourself on your schedule. Coordinate your outfit. Have to meet up with anyone today? Gym time already set? Meals also?

b. Schedule time to work hard. In my daily life, I’m busy throughout the entire business day, so this leaves me to study at night. I wasn’t a night owl, but I adapted in order to make sure I had time to actually put my work in.

c. Make it happen? Break down big projects into smaller tasks. Need to make sure that paper gets finished in the next few weeks? Schedule those writing center appointments. Plan out when you should have your first draft due. Brainstorm your ideas!

Hope you appreciate these words of motivation! Leave a comment, share, and subscribe.




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