Light at the end of the tunnel



For those that personally know me, they are familiar with the passion and energy that comes with my personality and presence. I’m not one to really explain myself, but there is a story for the fire that fuels me.

I strive to live my life by Maya Angelou’s remarkable poem, ‘Every woman should’. Shout out to my Chicago Scholars mentor, Janice for sending this to me during my sophomore year. The most inspirational poem that all ladies and women should read. Nothing I say will do justice on how this poem really does affect you line by line. (Read it)

I have this poem taped to my desk because I have had my fair share of barriers in life. This poem pushes me forward.  Maya Angelou’s Every Woman Should describes exactly what I wanted in life.

I want enough money to be able to just get up and move if I chose.

I want a sense of control for my destiny.

I want to accept the fact that my childhood wasn’t the best, but it’s over.

and more…

I go about life seeking adventures on paths less taken, embracing opportunities for growth, and developing my sense of understanding.

I don’t want to lose focus that my goal with everything I pursue is to grow. My biggest fear is to lose that focus.

Please don’t lose focus of what truly matters to you. Don’t get caught up in the frustration and comfort of life. Don’t let anything satisfy you. Don’t let nothing satisfy you.

Explore your happiness. Challenge your potential to grow. Push your perceptions. Understand your past. Learn from the lessons of your story.

You made your goals for a reason. You want to move forward with life. Move past the pain you’ve had. You want to experience something more. Make goals. Remind yourself the purpose for them. For your purpose drives you, the goals evolve you. Write them down. Take a deep breath and think about them ALL THE TIME

..Because the biggest regret is losing focus of your purpose…






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