About Gaby


Hi, My name is Gaby Santoyo!

I’m 21 years old from Chicago attending the University of Illinois at Chicago in Business.

Current job: Operations Coordinator at eSpark Learning

Sponsor: Colon-Santoyo Scholarship for Chicago Bulls College Prep

Recognition: Wood Family Foundation/UIC Honors College first scholarship recipient

My brief story: I am the first person in my family to attend college. I’m the eldest child in my family. First girl on both sides of my family. I was apart of the first graduating class at Chicago Bulls College Prep. I’m the first recipient for my scholarship. I’m apart of the first cohort in the Business Scholars Program. My life is a story of firsts. My biggest motivators are my grandparents and parents. All my life, I’ve seen the struggle and effort they put in to make sure my sister and I have a life better than theirs. Thank you to them for their constant support of my journey of life. Without them, I would not take the steps for the path I’m on.

My motto is “Positive vibes only”. It’s a sign at your door of life. At times, the bouncer may let some negativity slip in your life, but you deal with it and move on with your night. Otherwise, the more positivity you allow and encourage, you will appreciate this more in the long term. You are the bouncer. Only you can determine what is “negativity” in your life.  The most difficult part is being positive with yourself. I’ll end on that note.

Peace and Love,



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