Letter to myself

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There are a few things you need to know about yourself. You are flawed and gifted at the same time. As of now, everything in your life feels as if it’s just not going as “planned”. Life is not about a series of plans, it’s a series of changes and your reaction to them.

Our priorities need to be checked. We learn ourselves better each and everyday, it’s going to be okay as mama tells us. It really is. You know why? The world isn’t going to stop spinning because of you, although a guy may just stop where he was going to do a double take at ya πŸ˜‰

Anyways, let’s change our mindset, shall we? I want your new mantra to be: How can I make MYSELF better? Now tell yourself that the moment you wake up or at least get to a mirror to process that it’s the morning. Stop spending those extra minutes in bed past your alarm and let your dreams become a REALITY. This means you have to start waking up on time. You are wasting time you could be doing the next step to achieve your dreams! Next, how badly do you want to reach your goals? Seriously, how badly? I want you to work your butt off EVERYDAY to the point that your dedication shows how much you want it ALL THE TIME. Now, you need to start loving yourself. I know you do, but ALOT more. Right now, you are not showing it. Let’s take morning rides down the lake, working out more seriously, writing down your thoughts, and asking yourself more questions about yourself. Who do you want to be a few years from now? What do you value? This will help you find your zone and get rid of all the negative vibes. You are not independently complete. That will take some time of deep thought.

For the next few months, focus on you, your goals, and your future adventures. Just give all your energy into yourself, helping others, and life itself. Trust me, you’ll be way happier that way.

Love and Peace,